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Our Address

John’s Grill
63 Ellis St,
San Francisco, CA
(415) 986-3274

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  • A Revolutionary Tavern & Restaurant

    The original Green Dragon was located on Union Street. William Douglas purchased the property in 1743 and while he lived there he called it his “Mansion House.” It was purchased from Douglas by St. Andrews Lodge of Freemasons. The Masons used the first floor for their meeting rooms led by Grand Master Joseph Warren, who was followed by John Hancock. The basement tavern was used by several secret groups and became known by historians as the “Headquarters of the Revolution”. The Sons of Liberty met there, the Boston Tea Party was planned there, and Paul Revere (who was a Mason) was sent from there to Lexington on his famous ride. The original building was demolished in 1854. Fortunately we won the Revolution and were free to rebuild on Marshall Street.


  • Come and Eat With Us

    Today, The Green Dragon still plays host to a diverse and colorful clientele, though the practice of eavesdropping has long since stopped! With a full lunch and dinner menu, it is a popular eatery with visitors to Boston who enjoy dining in a working piece of history! With a full array of Irish-American fare and a wide selection of traditional New England Seafood dishes, The Green Dragon offers a variety of options for even the most discerning palette.



  • Make a Reservation

    Use the form at our reservations page to reserve a table. You will receive confirmation via your email. For parties larger than 8 expect a call. The form is not required. Feel free to call us anytime.





  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Mystery of the Green Dragon Tavern and the Boston Tea Party


    Rally, Mohawks – bring out your axes!
    And tell King George we’ll pay no taxes on his foreign tea!
    His threats are vain – and vain to think
    To force our girls and wives to drink His vile Bohea!
    Then rally boys, and hasten on
    To meet our Chiefs at the Green Dragon.
    Our Warren’s there, and bold Revere,
    With hands to do and words to cheer For Liberty and Laws!
    Our country’s Braves and firm defenders
    Shall ne’er be left by true North-Enders, Fighting Freedom’s cause!
    Then rally boys and hasten on to meet our Chiefs at the Green Dragon.


    Read the Full Story Here





  • The Ride of Paul Revere

    Myth tells us that the British plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concord were overheard being discussed in the Green Dragon Tavern. That information got to Paul Revere thereby compelling him to his infamous ride to warn the colonists. “Indeed, as has been ratified by Daniel Webster – the famous historian – it was in the Green Dragon that the plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concord were overheard.”


    Read the Full Story Here

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Welcome to the Green Dragon

Tavern & Restaurant with a Revolutionary History

We Have had some time since the Revolution to make some improvements. Our cooks have learned some new tricks and there are many new brewers to try out. We have made many new friends in the music world and and have live entertainment most evenings. Even with its long and noble history, The Green Dragon is still a vibrant and thriving nightspot and is a firm favourite with college students and young professionals. Indeed, The Green Dragon embodies the essence that is the City of Boston – the delicate blend of rich history and vibrant youthfulness!

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Our Specials

Delicious Entrees Fit for Every Patriot




Cocktail and tartar sauce, lemon



Two beer buttered cod, corn tortillas, shaved cabbage, salsa, chipotle crema Substitute grilled shrimp add $3



Todarodes calamari, old bay seasoned flour, slow cooked marinara



Fried brussel sprouts, pork belly, candied pecans, dried cranberries, maple syrup

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Wild rice pilaf, Seasonal vegetables, Beurre Blanc



16oz, rancher’s registry beef, coffee chile rub, asparagus, garlic thyme mashed potatoes.



Braised pork belly, cheddar, garlic, thyme Add: CHICKEN $6, SHRIMP $8, LOBSTER $10, CRAB $7



Ritz crumbs, garlic thyme mashed potatoes, asparagus, beurre blanc

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Our Team

Conrad Gallagher

Conrad Gallagher


Kathleen O'Reilly

Kathleen O'Reilly


Dale Degroff

Dale Degroff

Host, Bartender

Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan

Hostess, Bartender


We accept a limited number of reservations up to one month in advance.
Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling 617.367.0055.

Our Location

The Green Dragon Tavern, 11 Marshall St, Boston, MA 02108, USA